Village Tour with Horse

Village Tour with Horse
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“You arrive at the Village, and in this calm Environment, one starts to hear echo”.

The ecstasy of the deserted beauty of Rajasthan can be best beheld in its villages. These tranquil lands, far from the hubbubs of a city are the emerald of the treasure trove of Rajasthan. Experience enchants of the village life with the Maa Ashapura farm.
We offer you with the leisurely stroll through the nearby village of the farm wherein you can get a chance to mingle with the locals and villagers. Mahatma Gandhi, the famed persona of India, has said, “The soul of India Lives in its villages”. Experience the soulful facades of the region, listen to the folklores that passed on from generations, soak in the vibrancy of the rural facets of the region and unplug your soul for a while in the serenity of the villages with us.

You can opt for the horse tour in nearby villages wherein you will be riding these beasts along the narrow lanes of the villages. Marwari horses possess the significant role in the history of Rajasthan and listening to their bravery excerpts from the locals is an experience of its own kind. The beautiful breed is the symbolism of heroism and chivalry in the local lands of Rajasthan. Experience the never-felt encompasses of the rural areas with us.

You can also opt for volunteering services in these villages wherein you can connect with the local villagers well. You can participate in various volunteering educational programmes held here and pass the wisdom of knowledge to the locals. These programmes are executed in the manner wherein you can connect with the roots of the areas, and channelize the vacations with something refreshing and productive at the same time. You can even get the experience certificates from the authorities for these valuable contributions in the uplifting of the villages.

So spend in for some distinctive recreation experiences at these villages with Maa Ashapura Farm.

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