Local Attractions

Local Attractions
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The Ranthambore Fort:
The forted is counted amongst the oldest fort of the region located in the national park to bring back the magnanimous charm of heritage amidst the wild. The fort was formerly named as the “Ranat Bhawar Garh” which means the “place of the Rajput warriors”. It stands atop a hill high in the hearty center of the park and is enclosed within the ruins of the cenotaphs, buildings, homes, temples of the bygone era. During Tiger Safari Ranthambore, you can enjoy the bird watching from the top of the fort in the late evening.

Ganesh Temple
Trinetra Ganesh Temple is amongst the most visited attraction in Ranthambore. Trinetra means three eyes and when we say “Pratham Ganesh” in Hindu religion, it is referred to the Trinetra Ganesha of the Ranthambore. The temple resides the shrines of Lord Ganesha along with his whole family at one place. The temple can be visited to get the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha with the best safari in Ranthambore.  

Amreshwar Mahadev Temple
It is counted amongst the prominent local attractions of the area. The revered Shiva Temple can be visited during Jungle safari of Ranthambore. The verdant grooves with the waterfall make it quite a place to halt for a picnic.

Mansarovar Lake
The lake is quite visited during Ranthambore Tour. The serene tranquil and the eye soaring scenic vistas make it quite a place to visit. It is nothing less than the paradise for the bird lovers.

Surwal Lake
The place is quite prominent and is famed for its scenic and mesmerizing locations. Brimmed with the natural beauty, you can easily spot the flocks of migratory birds here.

Chambal Crocodile Safari
It is quite a spot to enjoy a bit of serene beauty of nature. Though witnessing the crocodiles and gharials are quite an experience, but the gleaning water of the river hides a lot in its depth. The spot is quite renowned for birdwatching too and provides with interesting vistas of the rare avifauna, with the panorama of steadily flowing water.

Rameshwaram Ghat
The gat is more popular as the picnic spot on the confluence of rivers Banas and Chambal. Also enjoy the majestic views of crocodiles, fishes and varying migratory birds.

Khandar Fort
It is one of the historic and heritage splendor located on the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park.

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