All About Ranthambore

All About Ranthambore
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Ranthambore National Park in the Indian state of Rajasthan is the enclaved territory of the wilds. Comprising of the varied conservation history, the park is quite famed for its dense tiger population.
Ranthambore can be best described as the “Wilderness Areas of Tigers”, the elusive striped cats, which can easily be spotted here.

The wilderness tract of Rajasthan, nestled at the junction of Aravali and Vindhya mountain ranges,  is the distinctive juxtaposition of the natural environs and historic richness. The undulating topography, varying from gentle to steep slopes, from flat-topped hills to conical ridges and sheer hillocks, from wide valleys to narrow rocky gorges. The park is also blessed with the Geological Landmark, the “Great Boundary Fault” where the ranges of Vindhyas are brought against the ancient Aravallis, whose sights can be raptured with Ranthambore Safari Tours

Ranthambore National Park is a natural glee to explore with the Jungle safari in Ranthambore. The area is covered in dry deciduous forest and despite the harsh weather conditions of the state, it is nothing less than a natural heaven for the wildlife enthusiasts. Relish the tranquil of the nature laced with the roars of tigers, and the musings of the animal kingdom with the Ranthambore Jungle Safari.

The tigers of the region are famed for the notable marks on the body and are best identified through the ruling territory. The dense undergrowth brings the perfect undergrowth brings the perfect backdrop to the enthralling hunt of the tiger in the entire arena.

Apart from tigers, the major wildlife species to spot here are leopard, nilgai, wild boar, hyena, Sambar, sloth bear, chital and more. Also, the “Tiger Reserve” is the home of the thriving population of birds.

The wilderness arenas of Ranthambore the wild wreath of Rajasthan laced with its rich history. Explore the best of Ranthambore with the Royal Ranthambore Safari.

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