About Farm

About Farm
A luxury farm stay rightly tucked in the lap of Ranthambore

About Farm

Rinse your soul in the astoundingly evocative land with the timeless scope dimensions and enthralling allures…beautiful fusion of the transient of the sublime and making up memories that linger long after the swirl of the deserted sands, but is a speck in the rearview of the thoughts.

Welcome to Maa Ashapura Farm, a place recognized to experience all of the above. We are recognized as the heritage hoteliers. We offer you an experience to delve deep and soak in the richness that leads to the creation of the counterpoise to the sparse context.

We are the recognized name in the domain serving the industry for quite a long. We have been famed for our exceptional services that have lured our customers since the inception of the farm. We offer you with the luxury accommodation in Ranthambore to enjoy while the Ranthambore Safari Tours. From the luxurious rooms to the Swiss tented accommodations, choose your enchants and relive the tranquil of the nature. Or enjoy a rejuvenation of mid, soul and body at our swimming pool.  We also offer you with the Tiger Machaans to get the rearview of these elusive untamed species. The famed Farms often call themselves, “A home away from Home” but we literally manifest it and leave no stone unturned to cater you with nothing but the best.

Along with the experiencing the tranquil stay in the premium farm, you can also enjoy the lifetime experiences like the Horse Safari through the beautiful landscapes of the farm. We owned horses that are trained and are amongst the finest breeds of the species, the Marwari Horses, which are nothing less than the gem in Rajasthan. Enjoy the alluring experience of the Horse Safari with us. You can also enjoy the natural tranquil along the organic farms which are tendered by our team on their own. All our meals consist of the ingredients grown in these farms wherein you can reconnect yourself with the aroma and wondrous mystiques of nature.

We are a team of experts rendering you with nothing but the best for an experience countable amongst the most cherished memories. We are extending our services and offer you with the Jaipur tour and Ranthambore Tour Packages too. So be it a weekend getaway or the long escapade, choose your duration of extensive experience at Maa Ashapura Farm that will leave your soul wanting for more.

Marwari Horses
The icon of pride of Rajputana history

Horse Safari is an ancient way of traveling and vital elements of warfare for the maharajas, the kings, princes and nobles in India for centuries. At Maa Ashapura Farm, our horses are not an ordinary or rented, but Marwari horses, the indigenous Marwaris that had been the pride of the Rajput warriors.

The legacy of Rajputana land that has glorified its past and culture is incomplete with the mention of these superior class horse breed. Marwari Horse, the hardy breed available in all equine colors is famous for horse polo, the royal game of Royal families was in demand for centuries due to its fighter like capabilities. At Maa Ashapura Farm, we own a bunch of Marwari Horses and raise them uptight with the help of specialized & experienced caretakers. And that’s what makes us different in the town as we are the sole owners who offer amazing horse ride packages that are unbeatable and exclusive.

The variety of horse ride packages like short riding packages, village horse safari packages and horse riding at farm packages makes us unique in the industry with the fact that entire package of activity is aimed at promoting eco-tourism and solely non-profit base.

We conduct various volunteering programs for increasing awareness toward these iconic horses and money earned from packages devoted for complete maintenance of horses only. Our uniqueness of work culture with horse makes us a pride hotelier with a vision of promoting culture.

We invite you to meet and ride these very exceptional horses to understand the culture of Rajasthan which is so deeply entangled with these animals and an experienced safari operator. Ride Marwari horses in an un-spoilt terrain through Aravali hills / Vindyachal Hill, forests and grasslands for a...

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7 Reasons to choose our Farm
The most beautiful travel journey of life begin with us

  • Theme Dinner
  • Horse Riding
  • Organic Farming
  • Ranthambore Jungle Safari
  • Poolside Activities
  • Stay at Ultra Luxury Machaan
  • Camping at Super Luxury Tents

About Owner
Maa Ashapura Farm

A man with a vision of creating a mark in the line of hospitality by "serving a unique experience with unforgettable ecological retreat lasting in heart and soul forever" this is the baseline idea while the first foundation stone of Maa Ashapura Farm was laid.

The visionary Vikram Singh Chauhan having a hardcore experience of more than 14 years in hospitality industry gave a thoughtful process as of how to create a facility that can become a true example of rustic tour experience with superior luxury stay experience. His love and affection with horses along with a passion to always do something new gets converted into reality in the shape of Ashapura farms where Marwari Horses and its crew become the iconic symbol of this luxury stay farm.

Ranthambore sitting amidst Aravali ranges and surrounded by dense forest cover is the fascinating place where wildlife flourishes at its peak and our farm is the only one situated next to it. Thus, rumbling tiger voices, chirruping of bird, an environment away from chaos and only fresh and clean air is the mantra of Maa Ashapura Farm.

Experience the Marwari Horse ride to the nearby areas of the farm to write a story in your travel diary that will always remind you one of the most relished moments of your life.

Vikram Singh Chauhan

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