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Corporate Social Responsibility
We make a Living by what we get but we make a Life by what we get.

Maa Ashapura feels immense satisfaction & pleasure being a part of and for responsible society. We are equally engaged in social causes that are inbuilt part of a society and need to be taken care of for a successful sustenance of the society at large. it is our philosophy that no one can sustain without the cooperative harmony with the society on which it exists. And since our forefather has contributed their entire lives for making Rajasthan best state in the history of India, we on the path of continuing that legacy has dedicated a major part of our working for Ranthambore and its neighbourhood.

Save Tiger Campaign: We are the active participant of the National Campaign “Save Tiger” where we do road rally, online awareness programs, road shows, theaters and all those possible ways where we can create and spread mass awareness for conserving and respecting wildlife. We organize camps in our farm occasionally where invitees include our respected guest along with the local crowd where wildlife experts and NGO representatives urge to include more and more public participation in the activities to keep a check on poaching and hunting of wildlife species.

Educating Rural Mass: With the help of volunteers, we organize elementary and working level knowledge classes so that poor families and housewives may get benefitted with the program by spreading the light of education and making them aware of the importance of being literate as how to become a responsible part of society.

Volunteering by in-house guest: We actively promote engagement of our in-house guest in volunteering activities in the area of interaction with local people by organizing classes on various subject areas like horse riding camps, horse caretaking, wildlife conservation and promotion of local eco-tourism work.

Promotion of Eco-Tourism: Ranthambore is the greenest area of Rajasthan and to keep its diversity young and ageless, we consistently indulge most of our efforts and activities in such a way where we can contribute in promotion of eco-tourism like plantation walk. Tree plantation, soil rejuvenation farming, demotivating use of vehicles in the farm and surrounding area, no-smoking zone promotion, ecosystem awareness and promotion of supporting activities are major integral part of promoting the Save the Environment campaign.

Local Job Opportunities: For promoting employment and development henceforth, at Maan Ashapura Farm our entire workforce is recruited from the local surrounding of Ranthambore. The native of this land contributes their best services in the areas of farming, farm maintenance, house-keeping, management, reception and most importantly the charismatic chefs whose magical hands know how to prepare the most memorable dish to remember for the lifetime.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Maa Ashapura feels immense satisfaction & pleasure being a part of and for responsible society. We are equally engaged in social causes that are inbuilt part of a society and need...

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